Our new journal Capitalism features original, peer-reviewed contributions by authors from across the humanities and social sciences on the historical dimensions of markets, capitalism, political economy, and economic thought.

The interdisciplinary study of capitalism is a vibrant field today and many universities have started their own programs of capitalism studies. This journal, which is supported by an impressive roster of first-class scholars will address those issues in ways that haven’t been covered by the existing journals.

  • The inaugural issue was published January 2, 2020 and was available for free on Project MUSE through June 30, 2020. 
  • Thereafter it will not be available in any of the collections sold to MUSE library subscribers. MUSE is hosting the journal only as a stand alone contract with UPenn Press.
  • Therefore, the only option for online access after June 30 will be through the publisher’s website at http://cap.pennpress.org. (Using IP address authentication) 


The institutional price for print and online is $165. Online only is $149. 
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ISSN 2576-6392
We hope you’ll join us in this new venture.