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About Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics

Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics offers a trans-disciplinary forum for the examination of the history of economic phenomena broadly conceived. It features original and peer-reviewed contributions by authors from across the humanities and social sciences on the historical dimensions of markets, capitalism, political economy, and economic thought. It is also interested in how economic questions interact with those of power, knowledge, race, class, and gender, as well as the interplay between the environment and the economy, in any region of the world. The journal aims to publish canon-questioning research that challenges and denaturalizes existing categories and modes of analysis. To those ends, we welcome any methodological or theoretical approach so long as there is a historical dimension to the analysis.

From the Back Cover of Issue 1.2

CAP1.2BackCover “‘Poor and yet happy’—these words have been a source of confusion for men who study 
letters and search for rhymes.” So speaks a rich samurai’s money when it appears before him, incarnated as a strange little human-like creature, in Ueda Akinari’s On Poverty and Wealth (Osaka and Kyoto, 1776). In the small hours of the night, money appears to the samurai and, until dawn, money and man debate poverty and wealth and the morals thereof. This book was published the same year as Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations: the matter of money was on everyone’s minds, it seems. Haruki Murakami, an admirer of Akinari, recently borrowed this literary technique in Killing the Commendatore. In volume 1, “The Idea Made Visible” (顕れるイデア編, Arawareru idea hen), an idea materializes and speaks to the narrator. As both Akinari and Murakami remind us, ideas hold the key to great mysteries. They can certainly converse, but they don’t feel like us. And their morals differ from ours. But maybe balance sheets can rhyme? - MF


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