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About Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics

Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics offers a trans-disciplinary forum for the examination of the history of economic phenomena broadly conceived. It features original and peer-reviewed contributions by authors from across the humanities and social sciences on the historical dimensions of markets, capitalism, political economy, and economic thought. It is also interested in how economic questions interact with those of power, knowledge, race, class, and gender, as well as the interplay between the environment and the economy, in any region of the world. The journal aims to publish canon-questioning research that challenges and denaturalizes existing categories and modes of analysis. To those ends, we welcome any methodological or theoretical approach so long as there is a historical dimension to the analysis.

From the Back Cover of Issue 3.1


In his Mikrokosmographia: A Description of
The Body of Man (1615), Helkiah Crooke—court physician to King James I of England—turned
to and then expanded upon Galen’s view of the human eye: “[Galen] . . . considered that the Eye was the true Microcosme or Little world in respect of their exact roundnesse and revolutions: wherein besides the Membranes which I dare boldly call the seaven Spheres of Heaven, there be also the foure Elements found.” Here, then, the minute and complex wonders of the eye offered a refracted fi guration of the fi rmament. Whether followed metaphorically or by literally fi xing our gaze upon the singular and the small, in this issue the concept of microcosm leads us to look anew at capital’s varied constellations, its major and minor arcs, its meridians, and its steady or aberrant pulses.

- Carolyn N. Biltoft


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